Venice Lagoon


The Venetian Lagoon and your first sight of Piazza San Marco are unforgettable moments of your boating holidays. There are many different river cruises in Europe, but the beauty and uniqueness of Venice make this the most breathtaking experience of all. Renting one of our self drive boats will enable you to visit islands that are off the beaten track and to land on deserted jetties, choosing an itinerary simply unknown to other tourists.

As you head south, Chioggia, a magnificent small town linked to the mainland by bridges, with an amazing fish market, is the first entrance into the lagoon from the open sea.

Following the canals aboard your Pénichette® will bring you to the traditionalfishing villages of Pellestrina, with their ochre and yellow houses. Passing throughthe Malamocco inlet, you will arrive in Venice. Little by little, the bell tower in Piazza San Marco rises on the horizon.

From our departure base of Chioggia, you can rent Penichettes® and Europas. We’ve partnered with Rendezvous Fantasia to offer their excellent NCF boats in Venice



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