For all of those who still have this amazing travel in front of them – Maldives is a dream. For those who were lucky enough to have experienced a few moments in this magical place – it’s a love at first sight. A mere description is already impressive – almost 1200 islands and islets grouped in a double chain of 26 coral reef atolls, all sitting atop the underwater volcanic mountain range.


Let’s take a closer look. If there are any doubts that the perfect beaches from the postcards exist, they should do nothing more but to visit Maldives. Every amateur holiday photograph will seem like professional advertisement from a holiday catalogue. It’s hard to imagine sometimes that a place so beautiful is real until you get there yourself. Holidays in this heavenly corner of the world is a great idea to experience a little bit of luxury which everyone deserves.


Crystal clear water allows you the pleasure to admire hundreds of little sea creatures and the coral reef which looks as if it was sculpted by the most talented artist. Peace and quiet is only disturbed once in a while by the rustle of palm leaves and the delicate hum of the ocean waves. You can’t ask for a more relaxing soundtrack to your holidays. While listening to the songs of nature, you will also become aware of your own rhythmic breathing appreciating this little break from usual stress and work. But not only do The Maldives offer something for the soul, but also for the body, to be more precise – for your palate. Visitors from all over the world prize the fresh seafood served in a thousand different ways, one more sophisticated than the other.


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