The Bahamas charm their visitors with heavenly landscapes, exotic beaches and the perfect blue sea. You will feel like in heaven with the summer breeze whistling through the palm leaves, coral reefs and all the species of tropical plants.

With the agreeable, semi tropical wet climate, there is just no bad time to visit the Bahamas — the weather is great year-round. There are two seasons – summer and winter. The summer extends from May through November, the rainless winter lasts from December to April. The temperature average in January is about 21°C and in July about 27°C. Get ready to meet some exotic animals, like raccoons, batagurs and the hawksbill sea turtles. The major part of the area is covered with subtropical dry broadleaf forest, savannah and mangroves. A big part of the island’s flora is protected in special zones and nature parks, for example Sea Park or Exuma Cays.

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