A coral atoll surrounding the volcanic cone in the The Leeward Islands (in Tahitian – Fenua Raro Mata’i which literally means ‘Islands Under-the-Wind’) in the western part of the Society Islands archipelago. Bora Bora is a beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Tahiti. Since 1845 it’s been the pride of French Polynesia, whose inhabitants named it, according to their mythology, ‘Mai te pora’ – ‘Created by gods’.

American writer, James Michenerow, raved about this beautiful corner of the world in his famous book – ‘Tales of the South Pacific’. A lot of other artists refer to Bora Bora in their works, which is hardly surprising considering that it’s said to be the chamber of inspiration and the ultimate paradise for the senses. Soothing whisper of the waves and tousled palm trees will be the music to our ears. Warm touch of impeccably white sand and fabulous views will also add to this exceptional experience. Bora Bora has a taste of freshly squeezed juice and juicy fruits, among which the absolute hit is noni – local medicine and the elixir of youth all in one. If that’s not enough, nobody will resist the temptation of the unique sight of the black pearl farms.

French Polynesia is well renowned for making the dreams come true. All to make you remember the visit for a long time and to keep you returning. You can admire the schools of the strangest sea creatures from a boat with…a glass bottom. Renting water scooters and small motorboats is also not a problem. And, if this is your fancy, you can savour a delicious breakfast that will be served to you in a canoe, beautifully decorated with flowers.

A meeting with sharks may be scary but feeding them is actually one one the main attractions in the South Pacific. Diving with flatfish, undulating with the sea current, among the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, will transport you to a different dimension and you will feel as a part of nature. One step further, and there’s the unbridled joy and the satisfaction of taking from life as much as we can. The world offers us so much beauty that we can derive from – the choice is ours.

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