In the native language of the country ‘Thai’ means ‘free’. This is how you feel when you visit The Kingdom of Thailand. Free of reality, of schedules, of problems. Free of boredom and limitations. Equally great is a free choice you have among many possibilities and unbelievable diversity. A free choice even in the smallest of matters.

Do we embark on an inspiring journey around the elegant Thai restaurants or do we choose a local dish in a charming, small bar? It’s worth mentioning that in Thailand the chef doesn’t limit himself to serve what we would call traditional European meals. Apparently, some fried rodents are a speciality…and they find many fans even outside the already used to an extravagant cuisine indigenous inhabitants. Traditionalism or fearlessness? Here we also have a choice.

Do you prefer bustling and hypnotizing nightlife or all-day sightseeing trip to Bangkok? And if so, where do we start – the King’s Palace or The Temple of the Emerald Buddha? A multitude of museums and exhibitions is a real treat for the art lovers. If you’re sensitive to the beauty of nature you will also enjoy the heavenly place – The Orchid Garden. However, if you’re looking for more excitement, not to worry, you can take a trip around the neighbourhood in a speeding motor-operated boat or watch a breathtaking show on a snake farm.

Thailand is not really associated with a typical beach spot, nevertheless it offers splendid conditions for swimming and sunbathing. On secluded beaches of Ko Chang, the crystal water amaze with its translucency and the blue glare. During the low tide you will be able to take a walk into the ocean and get to the next island. You will have some fun with little bright fish racing at your feet and the small crabs playing hide-and-seek.


When it comes to Thailand, you will surely want to get to know the country from the perspective of a local, but also a tourist, who is guided by a professional guide helping you understand this unique place a little better. Because only knowing its history and special features you will be able to look at its culture with the appreciative, understanding eyes. The best thing – never mind how many time you visit Thailand, it will always show you its different side. Every time you will discover something new and surprising. The only thing that is constant is the Thai charm, which draws you like a magnet all through the year.

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