Start base: MACON

The idyllic river Seille leads through a landscape of ponds and pastures to Louhans, renowned for its famous Bresse poultry. The arcades and facades from the 15th and 16th centuries are superb. It is a most enjoyable destination for your boating holiday!

To the south, the lovely Saône flows to the Rhône and passes Tournus with its splendid Romanic abbey. Many excellent vineyards flourish in the hilly landscape of Mâconnais and Beaujolais, which surround you on your river cruise.

These wines are delicious accompaniments to the culinary specialties for which this region has been famous since the Middle Ages. Be sure to stop to and stroll through the lively cities of Mâcon and Villefranche. The detour on the short canal to Pont-de-Vaux is also recommended: a touristic gem with medieval loam frame houses of the Pierres-Dorées/Beaujolais area.

Your river cruise meanders around the gentle loops of the Saône until you reach Lyon. The hills of Fourvière and Croix-Rousse on the picturesque island Barbre create a marvellous entry port. Don’t miss the old town of Lyon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with its colourful renaissance facades, the tight passages between the buildings, called “Traboules”, and of course the typical cosy restaurants, called “Bouchon”.

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