Almost 800 kilometres east of The Philippines lies one of the youngest country in the world – Palau. Located in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean it contains approximately 250 islands and islets. Since a lot of these islands are still uninhabited, a word that comes to mind when you think about Palau is peace. This fosters a wide variety of beautiful, virgin landscapes and allows the nature to remain untouched.

One-of-a-kind mangrove forests will amaze even the most demanding travellers, especially the ones who had never had a chance to see them before. The coral reefs, glistening and sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow are every diver’s dream. The visitors joke that the best kind of entertainment on Palau is to have a little contest of breaking the waves with the sun, since it’s the land of crystal clear water that shines like a diamond. More that 700 types of corals and more than 1400 species of fish are only waiting to be admired up close.

But that’s not everything Palau offers to the underwater adventure seekers. The grand underwater rock steps, the gigantic clams weighing half a tone, the schools of millions of pulsating jellyfish are a real treat of this charming corner of the world. Palau is your ultimate relaxation spot within the reach of the…fin. No matter if you travel alone or with family, no matter how old you are – the holidays of your dreams are a guarantee on Palau.

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