It happens sometimes that certain places, smells and tastes evoke a specific association. Mauritius? First thought? Luxury. But it turns out that the exclusive holidays in Mauritius have never been so easily available. This exotic destination is within the reach of everybody who’s dreaming about spending some time really far away from everyday life.

The biggest stars and the best athletes choose this particular island for their holiday spot so it’s not implausible that apart from having the time of your life in a heavenly place you will also bump into your idol. Equally exciting on Mauritius is the meeting with nature, which astonishes with its diversity and sparkles with all the colours of the rainbow. The reflection of the sun in the deep waters of the Indian Ocean makes an impression as if a great diamond pane was surrounding this mythical place. And you will want nothing more than to lie down and relax on the bed of white grains of sand, which feel more like a delicate powder.

You can experience Mauritius on many different levels as it is a mosaic of many cultures. Special attractions await those who visit the place during local holidays and celebrations. They will be able to witness many unusual customs and traditions, which may shock or amaze, but one thing is certain – they will stay in your memory forever.

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