The hectic life that never slows down. The rush, the noise, the dullness of everyday errands sometimes get the better of us. We start looking for an equilibrium. We long for a break and dream about living in the moment. Well, there’s nothing stopping you to embark on the journey of your life as long as the limitations are only in your head. If we create fake obstacles ourselves, we can also overcome them. The time has come.

If we want to touch pure beauty and immerse ourselves in the harmony of sunny days – let’s go to Hawaii. At first sight it’s nothing more than a handful of land crumbs cast somewhere in the infinite immensity of water. But the diversity of captivating landscapes, the perfect climate and the magical atmosphere make this place the jewel of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to all this variety, the archipelago will provide a whole array of emotions and sensations. You will see many surprising shapes and forms of crumbled volcanic lava, lush rainforests, the evergreen palm scrubland, the plantations of pineapples, sweet bananas, coffee or sugar. The rich fauna and flora, with its surprising names will encourage you to discover new places and to broaden your horizons. The smell of ilima flowers and the sounds of iwii bird are only a little pre-taste of the hawaiian exoticism. All the dreams of leaving your troubles behind and soothing your tired body and mind – this place makes them all come true! It seems as if a different dimension of space-time existed on Hawaii. The kind that releases you from the stress, invigorates and reinstates the will to live. Hawaii – a little piece of heaven on Earth.

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