It is the 16th largest island in the world. It is surrounded by 1600 little islands and the deep sea reaching the depth of 700 meters. It is Cuba – the real treasure of the Great Antilles.


If you are seeking new and exciting experiences, you can rest assured that on Cuba everything is possible. Swimming with the turtles? Not a problem. Lobster fishing with a harpoon? Why not? You want to personally prepare the dish afterwards? Done. When you’ve done it all yourself – from catching to cooking – it tastes even better! And last but definitely not the least – the salsa. At night you will shine like a star on the dance floor, especially after having taken some local dance lessons before. All this makes it almost impossible to just say goodbye to Cuba and go back home.


It’s a great shame to leave behind the gorgeous coral reefs, the warmth of the sand on a secluded beach, hot Cuban clubs, schools of small, colourful, glittering fish following the catamaran… Long after your holidays have finished you will still remember the gentle smell of cigars subtly floating over the stylish pavements and streets of Cuba and the stunning cars of bygone years with very old but lively souls. The capital of Cuba, Havana, is an enchanting place that just cannot be described with words or even the best photographs. You must see it in person. And live it.


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