Ardennes & Alsace-Lorraine


Cruising the Alsace region will take you right through traditional villages with gorgeous flower-filled balconies. The Canal de la Marne au Rhin will allow you to reach leads you into the very heart of Strasbourg with on your self drive boat. On your way to the home of the European Parliament, don’t miss the beautiful town of Saverne and the ducal palace.

Cruising the Canal de la Sarre, you’ll pass through leafy woodland and welcoming small towns full of traditional inns. On your way back, you’ll enjoy the thrilling boat lift of Arzwiller which replaces 17 locks.

The Ardennes region, on the Belgian border is famous for its forests and wild life. It is the perfect boating destination for nature lovers. The Canal de la Meuse meanders through the beautiful orchards of Lorraine as far as Verdun. Further north, the cities of Namur and Dinant are very lively and welcome a lot of tourists every season.



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